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Vivayana ties up with Akand Pharma to provide eBusiness Solutions.

Vivayana ties up with Miracle Software Systems to help provide Software Consulting Services.

Vivayana opens its Contiuning Technology Skills Upgarde Facility for its Consultants.

Expert Oracle Hyperion Consulting Services.

To enrich the career aspirations of Software Applications professionals we employ, and to enrich and sustain competitive advantage of our clients, by effectively bringing the two together through Vivayana’s unique approach to consulting services read more
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Vivayana is a professional services company providing Information Technology solutions to clients worldwide. Our consultants are well prepared to deal with the rapid emergence of new tools and technologies in this undeniably technological world.. read more

Building end-to-end e-Business solutions
is a combination of ideas, strategies, perspectives in line with the business objectives and technologies at hand.
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eSoft Desk is an ON-Demand
Consulting service designed to assist business users and IT users with the knowledge to operate and improve their ability to use Oracle e-business suite



We are available to respond to clients' needs at any time because our sole
purpose of existence is to help our clients, by streamlining operations to
increase profitability and compete better in this revolutionary market.
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Multi Transaction Service provided by Vivayana with a vision to integrate Bar code reading and ERP transactions into one application using Oracle.
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