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Vivayana ties up with Akand Pharma to provide eBusiness Solutions.

Vivayana ties up with Miracle Software Systems to help provide Software Consulting Services.

Vivayana opens its Contiuning Technology Skills Upgarde Facility for its Consultants.

Expert Oracle Hyperion Consulting Services.

Vivayana delivers the best results at reasonable costs.
Vivayana is a information technology services company which provides total system solutions that are of the best quality by utilizing the latest available technology, at a
reasonable and competitive cost to our customers.

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Vivayana is an innovative information technology consulting firm that draws upon its superior industry knowledge to help clients gain an edge over their competition. Our executive management has over fifty years of cumulative experience and our consultants have
set very high standards for themselves in order to excel past our competitors.

Our competitive advantages lie in our cost-effective means of solving any problem and our impeccable track record with several Fortune 500 clients. Our consultants' character and integrity holds against no other, as we do everything we can to make your company grow and succeed.
Our People

Our biggest asset is our People – Knowledgeable IT consultants. Our first priority is to take care of them by taking the initiative of being an “Employee First Organization”

Our People are committed to helping clients improve their products and services, their business relationships and sustain their competitive advantage. Our People deliver tangible results for our clients on time.

Our Differentiators:
Deep knowledge and focused in Oracle Applications
Customer centric process
Employee first Organization
Operating efficiencies and Flexible pricing approach
Entrepreneurial culture
Our Delivery:

We are in the business of helping Organizations operate more productively and profitably through Continuous improvement in business and technology solutions. We do that by partnering with our clients in developing Multi generation Plan and executing that plan on a Monthly or Quarterly basis consistently

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